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Too Little Milk and Too Much

Many new mothers become concerned about the amount of milk they are producing. They fear that the baby isn’t getting enough. The two best ways to determine if there’s enough are if the child acts satisfied after feeding and is gaining weight appropriately. You shouldn’t use the frequency of feedings as this changes with time and frequency of growth spurts. You can keep track of the used diapers. Around six, a day is about right.
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Pumps and Milk Storage


In some jobs, a woman can both breastfeed and work. Sadly that isn’t possible for many women. However, it’s possible to express your milk and store it so that a caregiver can feed your baby. A pump is typically used for this purpose. The definition of a breast pump is any mechanical device used to express milk.

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Breast Feeding and Menstruation

Breastfeeding and Fertility

The return of menstruation is a critical subject for all women who breastfeed. Many mothers have been told that if they breastfeed that they will not have a period, this is simply not true. You may start menstruation within a few weeks after giving birth regardless of whether or not you breastfeed. As a matter of fact in the pre-birth control era, it was not uncommon for a woman to give birth within a year of the first child’s birth.

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Issues With Breast Feeding

Many women who are new to breastfeeding have concerns about nipple soreness, confusion, and nipple type. Let’s look at these three conditions and how they can be treated.

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